Misty Palek - City Scape - 22 x 22inMy work comes from the inside out, so my imagination produces what I paint.  It will often merge things together that are of the real world, but they look better together, inside my brain.   My imagination is big, and there are times when I need to get it out onto paper.  My paintings are also very vibrant, which I’m partial to color or stark contrast of black and white.  I enjoy merging things such as monkey’s swinging through broccoli or werewolves doing people type things, like drinking tea.  A lot of my paintings are full of puns and idioms.  Whenever I’m in a conversation with someone, and they say something like “the whole enchilada,” I can’t help but paint what my imagination produces for an image of what “the whole enchilada” looks like.  The world around me surrounds me in puns and idioms; it’s my imagination at fault for producing funny images based on what I hear.