This Sunday (Sept 21st, 2014) from 11am-3pm, I will be vending out at the Iowa Author’s Fest.  I’m a fair bit nervous to say this is my first Author’s fest, and I will be among my own “wolf pack!”  There will be 40 other authors and a few artists too.  I’m also very excited to be joined by so many great and talented people.

Come out and see some of the FrVeges Series: Iowa Author’s Fest Info

I’ve been working very hard to reach the goal of having a book published by Christmas 2014, and so I’d like to share with you another excerpt from Book 1 – 1979 PeachStone:

Opposite the sitting area, there was a small door that lead to Jaxson’s office.  Jaxson was a neat owner and a person, so his office was not anything to talk about, except the one thing he considered most valuable, in the monetary sense.

Jaxson had visited the Capitol of PeachHatten years before, to get his business license, like every other resident of the city was required to do.  This day was special, because of who he met.  This fine day, while Jaxson was walking up the steps of the Capitol,  a large thug of an ant came dashing out of the building.  You see, the ants had already began to take over the city.  Jaxson, that fine day, decided to do something, anything, everything!  Jaxson simply stepped out in front of the running ant.  The ant and Jaxson rolled down the stairs together and Jaxson happened to land on top of the brute of an ant.  The ant quickly dropped what he had in his hand and got up from the altercation and ran off.  Jaxson picked up the item and ran into the court house with what the aunt had dropped.  He never even bothered to look at what the item was, but he knew it had to be of great importance or valuable to someone in the Capitol Building.  He burst into the front doors like any hero would.  

Hope you all enjoy my stories.

Copyrighted – Misty Palek 2014




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