As I prepare for the Iowa State Fair next week, I’m writing again and the words are flowing like that of the smoke from the Genie’s bottle, right before the Genie appears. Tonight excerpt from the FrVeges Short Stories comes from 1979 Peachstone. In describing the couch in the Children’s section of Jaxson’s Book-A-Torium:

Tucked in a nook behind the second step, is a wonder-minded sitting area for children and adults. There sat a very large but stiff red velvet couch. It was the old fashioned kind, stained with cherries to get the faded red color and even though the couch had a stiff upper back, it was nice and squishy where it counted: in the seat. The top was lined with gold upholstery tacks that had so much dirt ground into them, they looked black. The gold tacks also lined the side arms.

The matching chair, with a tall stiff back, made you feel that a giant plum was encroaching on you when you sat in it, but that was not a deterrent for most.

The best part of this area was the giant treasure chest that sat at the couch’s end. It was filled with wonderful items, like an entire set of marionette puppets, one of them was a worm dressed as a king. There were other worshiping worms too.

Hope everyone enjoys the stories so far. Come see me at the Iowa State Fair – August 11-14th. Art-Under-The-Tent.


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