Meet Jaxson P. Mutt, Owner of Book-A-Torium in Lower PeachHatten.  Jaxson is the main character in my new series “The FrVeges.”  He is a debonair  dacshund with a hot dog bun for a coat.  Jaxson experiences plenty of adventures at the Book-A-Torium, such as the finding of the Koi God, the Worm KingBroccoli Jungle, and all sorts of crazy adventures at the hand of a little girl Fox, Fenna, who lives down the street.

Excerpt from the newest book:

A shout from the back lawn lingers like a soft mist in the air, “Jaxson what adventures behooves you today?”

The Neighbor Bella LaGoosey (Belly) was quite the “Nosey Nelly,” but Jaxson was never sure if she was serious or maybe just making conversation.  Jaxson has lived next to Belly for nearly twenty years now.  He’s learned not to ask too many questions of the fragile old lady, as Belly had been a lot of places throughout her life and didn’t need some lonely book store owner asking her questions.

Belly was a tall slender Dachshund, with deep blue eyes that seemed like rivers that went on forever.  Her fur was the most amazing color they called Merle Gray. It was salt and pepper black and white, with pearling of white throughout her fur.  She wore the craziest of glasses that slightly framed her frail brow line and when she smiled she was the most timeless dog of them all.


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